Represents the base class for the popup window page objects.

Inherited from PageObject.

Inherited class supports [PageObjectDefinition], [WindowTitleElementDefinition], [ControlFinding], [FindSettings], [TermFindSettings] and [Culture] settings attributes.


[PageObjectDefinition(ComponentTypeName = "window", IgnoreNameEndings = "PopupWindow,Window,Popup")]
public abstract class PopupWindow<TOwner> : PageObject<TOwner>
    where TOwner : PopupWindow<TOwner>


The example of popup component for Bootstrap’s Modal implemented in atata-framework/atata-bootstrap:

namespace Atata.Bootstrap
    [PageObjectDefinition("div", ContainingClass = "modal", ComponentTypeName = "modal", IgnoreNameEndings = "PopupWindow,Window,Popup,Modal")]
    [WindowTitleElementDefinition(ContainingClass = TitleClassName)]
    public abstract class BSModal<TOwner> : PopupWindow<TOwner>
        where TOwner : BSModal<TOwner>
        private const string TitleClassName = "modal-title";

        protected BSModal(params string[] windowTitleValues)
            : base(windowTitleValues)

        public Text<TOwner> ModalTitle { get; private set; }

Implementation of the specific modal having the title “Some Modal”:

using Atata;

namespace SampleApp.Tests
    using _ = SampleModal;

    [WindowTitle("Some Modal")]
    public class SampleModal : BSModal<_>