Represents the hidden input control (<input type="hidden">). Default search finds the first occurring <input type="hidden"> element.

Inherited from Input.

Supports [Format] and [Culture] settings attributes.


[ControlDefinition("input[@type='hidden']", Visibility = Visibility.Hidden)]
public class HiddenInput<T, TOwner> : Input<T, TOwner>
    where TOwner : PageObject<TOwner>
public class HiddenInput<TOwner> : HiddenInput<string, TOwner>
    where TOwner : PageObject<TOwner>


<input type="hidden" id="some-hidden" value="somedata">
using Atata;

namespace SampleApp
    using _ = SamplePage;

    public class SamplePage : Page<_>
        public HiddenInput<_> SomeHidden { get; private set; }
    SomeHidden.Get(out string hiddenValue). // Gets value and sets to variable.
    SomeHidden.Should.Equal("somedata"); // Verifies value.