Defines the term settings to apply for the specified finding strategy of a control.

Inherited from FindSettingsAttribute.


For example, if all name attributes in the site are formatted lowercase without the separator (e.g. “firstname”), you can apply the following attribute for the tests assembly:

[assembly: TermFindSettings(FindTermBy.Name, Case = TermCase.LowerMerged)]

Or define it at the UIComponent level (page object or parent control). For example, for the specific page:

using Atata;
using _ = SampleApp.SamplePage;

namespace SampleApp
    [TermFindSettings(FindTermBy.Label, Match = TermMatch.Contains, Case = TermCase.Sentence, Format = "{0}:")]
    public class SamplePage : Page<_>
        public TextInput<_> FirstName { get; private set; }

        public TextInput<_> LastName { get; private set; }

The above example will find FirstName control by the label containing text “First name:” and LastName by “Last name:”.


public TermCase

Case { get; set; }

Gets or sets the term case.

public TermMatch

Match { get; set; }

Gets or sets the match.

public string

Format { get; set; }

Gets or sets the format.

public bool

CutEnding { get; set; }

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the name should be cut considering the IgnoreNameEndings property value of [ControlDefinition] and [PageObjectDefinition] attributes. The default value is true.