To get started install Atata Templates Visual Studio extension.

The extension provides the following templates:

  • Project templates:
    • Atata NUnit Test Project (.NET Framework)
    • Atata NUnit Test Project (.NET Core)
    • Atata Components Library (.NET Framework)
    • Atata Components Library (.NET Standard)
  • Item templates:
    • Atata Page Object
    • Atata Base Page Object
    • Atata Control
    • Atata Trigger
    • Atata NUnit Test Fixture
    • Atata NUnit Base Test Fixture

When extension is installed, you can create a project of one of Atata project types. In Visual Studio:

  1. Go to File/New/Project…
  2. Select Installed/Visual C#/Atata category
  3. Choose template (e.g.: Atata NUnit Test Project (.NET Framework)) and specify project name and location

Atata Templates project

The project is created with NuGet package references:

You might also need to install a driver package for specific browser: Selenium.WebDriver.ChromeDriver, Selenium.WebDriver.IEDriver, etc.

In the created project you can specify your testing site base URL and apropriate driver in UITestFixture.cs class, e.g.:


Further test fixture classes are recommended to inherit from UITestFixture, or just choose “Atata NUnit Test Fixture” item template in “Add New Item Window”.