using Atata;

namespace SampleApp.UITests
    using _ = SignInPage;

    public class SignInPage : Page<_>
        public TextInput<_> Email { get; private set; }

        public PasswordInput<_> Password { get; private set; }

        public Button<_> SignIn { get; private set; }

SignInPage is a page object class that is marked with several attributes:

  • [Url("signin")] - sets the relative URL of the page to be navigated to.
  • [VerifyTitle] - upon page initialization the check if the page title is equal to “Sign In - Atata Sample App” is conducted. “Sign In” value is taken from the class type name while ignoring “Page” word and formatted with Title case. The second part is taken from global [assembly: VerifyTitleSettings(Format = "{0} - Atata Sample App")] settings attribute.
  • [VerifyH1] - upon page initialization the check if the page contains <h1> HTML element with “Sign In” text is conducted.

Default element search of Email and Password controls is performed by the label. Default search of SignIn button is performed by the content and value (<button> by content text and <input> by value attribute).